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SITISHIKI: When Singer Wahu Breathed True Girl Power

By October 11, 2023October 13th, 2023News

SITISHIKI: When Singer Wahu Breathed True Girl Power

Rosemary Kagwi, known to the world as Wahu, stands as an iconic figure in Kenya’s music scene. Her remarkable journey is a testament to her undeniable talent, strong values, and unwavering decency, which shine brightly in an industry sometimes marred by moral ambiguity.

Hailing from Nairobi, Wahu’s upbringing reflects the nurturing environment that instilled in her the qualities that define her today. In an era where society often worships wealth and materialism, Wahu broke through in 2005 with her hit song “Sitishiki,” delivering a powerful message to those who think they can sway a girl purely because of material worth.

“Sitishiki” was a lyrical masterpiece that challenged the status quo, serving as a powerful anthem against those who believed flashy possessions could easily win over women. With sweet lines, the song emboldened countless individuals to stand up to those who wrongly assumed they could be won over with material gestures.

In an age where lavish clubbing and extravagant spending often served as baits to attract attention, Wahu’s message was clear: “… anicheki chini na juu asema I’m fine and sexy too so he buy me a drink or two and expect me to go home with you songa nyuma,” Wahu told off club hunters.

Beyond providing girls with the strength to resist manipulative advances, Wahu has emerged as a role model for those aspiring to pursue a career in music while nurturing successful families. She defied the stereotype that associates infidelity with celebrity lifestyles by maintaining a strong and loving family unit.

As she marks nearly two decades in the music industry, we celebrate her as the embodiment of girl power. She has shown us that with determination and intelligence, a woman can achieve anything she desires. Her journey has been marked by numerous challenges, including the heart-wrenching experience of losing a child, which she courageously shared with the world. Her resilience during difficult times serves as an inspiration to us all.

Wahu, you are not just a great artist; you are a superwoman and a life influencer. As you continue to raise your three children and reflect on your accomplishments in both music and family life, remember the countless girls and women you have empowered through your music. You have shaped our thinking, boosted our confidence, and provided us with valuable guidance on dealing with unwelcome advances.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, Wahu, for your music has been more than just entertainment to us growing up; it has been a source of wisdom and empowerment. As you navigate the path of marriage and its vagaries, we hope you never feel pressured but instead take pride in the encouragement you offer to us. Your life story reassures us that many things can work, and for that, we thank you.

Thank you girl. You are my Shujaa Wahu! Say hello to Baba Tumiso, Nyakio and Shiro.