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Application Instructions

Wish to join RVIBS? See below some pointers

Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies admits applicants who are ready to acquire skills and benefit from entrepreneurial training that will help them unleash their full potential.
Admission specialists will review your application and supporting documentation carefully to assess your overall academic preparation. In evaluating your application, the institution will consider the following factors:
• Mean Grade scored at KCSE or any past certificate for placement into a course of choice.
• Prior knowledge and trainings to help in credit transfers and choice of examination body.
• The mode of study chosen in order to rightfully place where you will most benefit.
Before you apply for admission, you are encouraged to carefully consider the various diploma, craft certificate and artisan courses available.
Please visit the departments section on this website to check on the courses.
You can also talk to our Admission Director on 0715 111 101 / 0715 111 102.