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Engineering Student Turns Motorbike Into A Water Pumping Engine

By September 26, 2023News

A student demonstrating a motorbike engineer which can be used to pump water. Photo/Martin Kuria

STORY BY: Jane Wangeci

A student has turned a motorbike into a multipurpose engine that will be used to ride families and irrigate farms.
Revving up the wheels of innovation, the motorcycle-driven water pump is not just a thrilling ride, but a lifeline for communities seeking sustainable solutions to their water needs.

In an era where eco-consciousness meets engineering brilliance, the ingenious device combines the power of two-wheel adventure with the fundamental necessity of clean water access, ushering in a new era of resourceful technology.

The world of motorcycle-driven water pumps will be a game changer; where speed meets sustainability, and every ride has a purpose beyond the thrill of the open road.

The motorcycle-driven water pump is designed to leverage the widespread availability of motorcycles in rural areas, repurposing them to efficiently pump water from nearby sources such as rivers and wells.

This innovative system utilizes the motorcycle’s engine as a power source, enabling the pump to lift water to elevated storage tanks or directly for irrigation.

The kinetic energy of the motorcycle engine is not fully utilized. This led, Ian Koech, an Engineering student at RVIBS TVET College with the help of his trainer, to tap the energy by coupling an impeller of a water pump to its crankshaft. This makes the motorcycle act as the water pump and also as a means of transport.

“You don’t have to hustle for a water pump if you already have a motorbike, we can turn your bike into a multipurpose machine for you. You will be using it to ride the family to the farm and irrigate as well,” Koech said.

As the country focuses on ways to improve food production, this innovative idea will come in handy to many farmers if embraced.

By repurposing existing infrastructure and utilizing motorcycles as a power source, there is potential to improve the quality of life and agricultural productivity for countless individuals and communities.

Key features of the system include its portability, ease of use, and affordability. It is engineered to be easily attached to various motorcycle models, ensuring compatibility with existing resources. Users can control the water flow rate and pressure, making it suitable for a range of applications, from irrigation to household water supply.