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The New Normal Post COVID-19

By June 11, 2020May 10th, 2023Covid 19

Curfew, lock-down, social distancing, wearing protective face masks, empty streets and shops, shutdown airlines and airports, closed schools, and businesses.… These are the times we live in. And it is not just in Kenya, it is the world over. Many are either out of work or have to contend with a significant pay cut. Businesses have shut down and people are finding themselves locked out of their homes due to unpaid rent and utilities. Children, including KCSE and KCPE candidates, have been home for over a month. Everything seems so ominous and dark at the moment for billions of people around the world. Many are seated with their breaths held hoping and praying for things to go back to normal.

But what is normal? Maybe we have been looking at all this the wrong way. Maybe we will never quite go back to the way things were before this virus took 211,000 lives in 3 months. Here is the thing, as much as our lives have slowed down to a near standstill, we HAVE TO find a way to adjust and go on with life because really, what alternative do we have? People have to eat, rent has to be paid, children have to learn and that means businesses and schools have to find a way to continue operating in spite of COVID-19.

One word: technology, technology, technology! It is the only way to operate in a world of social distancing. Today, anyone will do anything online.
Pandemics press the fast-forward button on history. Suddenly, changes that would in pre-corona times have generated years of debate, dissent, hesitation, opposition and delay turn out to be possible overnight. The most important implication of the breakneck changes currently underway, though, is that there’s no going back to normality. That train has left the station.
Prior to the current pandemic, all our classes were in-person at our main campus. Now we have embraced the use of online teaching to reach our students and completely restructured how we teach- a structure that will continue post-COVID 19. There is so much we have planned for our students that could very well be the silver lining amidst all the uncertainty. So get to learn in a whole new way that will prepare you for the world as it is in the 21 st Century.

So, over the next few posts, we will look at how to remain productive while studying at home and share with you resources to help you learn remotely.


Love and light,