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Happy Moment as RVIBS’ Students Share Delicious Meal with Street Families

By November 15, 2022May 15th, 2023Community Engagements

RVIBS Student Governing Council (SGC) has called on Nakuru community to support families that live in Nakuru streets. Led by Student Affairs member Clif Obiye, the SGC embarked on a mission to feed street families in Nakuru.
The students pooled resources and organized a lunch for the families.

“We decided to share a meal today with our friends because the Bible tells us to share what we have with the needy,” Obiye said. It was a joyous moment for the families as they enjoyed a mouth-watering meal of chapoz, rice and beef.

“Our hospitality department decided to offer their cookery skills to our brothers and sisters, SGC, staff, well-wishers and the school management footed the bills. It was a sweet moment as we shared the sweet meals,” Alex Kitunguru, the dean of students at RVIBS said.

The families thanked the institution for the welcoming gesture urging the support of well wishers to enable them enjoy life like other families.

“We thank this college for thinking about us. Today, we have enjoyed meals that other families eat and we feel we are valued and loved. We want to ask other well-wishers to help us too be able to live like normal families,” Jane Bosire, a mother of two who lives in the streets, said.