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From Student to Lecturer: How Discipline, Hard Work Earned RVIBS’ Former Student Top Job

By May 16, 2023May 31st, 2023Uncategorized

Md Domitrah Ndirangu in her office. She is the assistant Head of Department at the School of Cosmetology where she was a student 10 years ago. Photo/Martin Kuria Rvibs Media

Domitrah Ndirangu is a lucky girl. At 35, she is a senior trainer at the same institution she was a student 10 years ago.

This is no mean achievement. Today, she is the assistant Head of Department in the School of Cosmetology at RVIBS TVET College

“I was here as a student. Through hardwork and commitment, I graduated and went to the job market. Later, I joined Training of Teachers (ToT) and came back to the department as a trainer. I rose the ranks to be where I am today,” Domitrah said.

She is proud of the great training she received during her time as a student; “it enabled me penetrate the market”.

“I appreciate the training we got during our time and we continue to up our game as a department. I want our students to graduate and become top talents in the beauty and hair industry,” she said.

Domitrah is among a team of trainers from the School of Cosmetology who attended training at the Royal Hairstyles in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the new trends in cosmetology training.

“As we all know, there are new trends in the industry. That is part of the training we got and I am sharing the same knowledge with my colleagues. We want our students to receive the best skill-set training relevant to the current world of beauty,” she said.

In her bubbly nature, Domitrah says parents should be ready to support children achieve their career goals.

“It doesn’t matter the grade a student gets, support them. Bring them to us and we will shape them to be the great men and women of tomorrow,” she said.