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Attending An Interview? Here is How to Win The Interviewing Panel

By August 21, 2023News
How to pass an interview

A mock picture of interviewee attending an interview.

If you are looking for a job, you must know that the interview day will make or break the deal. It is the day for you to sell yourself face to face to the employer.

After 15 years in management, Percy Kihumba, the Principal RVIBS TVET College, has a wealth of knowledge and tactics on how you can easily sail through during an interview:

  1. Dress well

Dressing is one way for an interviewee to package himself or herself. Make sure you dress formally as you face the panel. Companies have an image to maintain and the interviewing panel will be out to see if you can be the image of the brand they have. When it comes to jewelry, leave them at home. If you have to wear any, let it be so minimal. Jewelries cause distractions.

  1. Know your area

As you go for the job interview, know the company is not hiring you to help you deal with the tough economic times. It is hiring you to solve a problem it has. As such, make sure you know your area too well; the challenges in it, how to solve them and the gains for the future

  1. Communicate like a pro

The reason why communication skills is a common unit taught in all colleges/university world over is because it is the only way that can help humans fix problems.

Be a good communicator. Ensure you do active listening during the interview. Articulate your points clearly to the panel. You are a product and you must pitch it the best way possible to the buyer.

  1. Keep time

Even if you are the lazy type that has problem with keeping time, just show up on time this one time. Employers are looking for people who know the value of time. The difference between success and failure is simply hidden in how humans utilize the 24 hours available to all of them. Show up to the interview venue at least 15 minutes before scheduled time.

  1. Carry original documents

Even if you sent copies of academic certificates and testimonials, remember to carry the originals, including your national identification card. And make sure these documents are well presented. Some interviewees turn up with documents which have loads of dust after years of being packed at the shelves.

All the best as you turn up for that interview, follow these tips and you will increase your chances of being absorbed!

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