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The Story of Wanyororo Village Boy Who Turned A Cosmetics Shop Into A leading College

By November 27, 2023December 13th, 2023News
Nakuru College

BY: Communication Team

In the newly created City of Nakuru, popularly known for its nesting flamingoes, a man with a passion for shaping the future and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr John Kimemia Gitau, stands proud of transforming lives of young people through technical skills. As the graceful dance of flamingoes paints the skies in hues of pink and white, we sit to listen to Mr Gitau . . . 

My incredible journey started in the quiet village of Wanyororo, where we walked barefoot for 7km to a primary school each day.

I observed my village friends who couldn’t go to school, and their struggles touched my heart. I saw the problems they faced because they couldn’t read or write.

When I was in upper primary school, I got jobs doing farm work. Sometimes, I was chosen to supervise others, only because I knew how to read and write.

This experience made me love education. I made a promise to myself that one day I would change society and the world with the power of education.

After primary school, God gave me a wonderful opportunity to attend a top national secondary school. Here, my love for education grew stronger. I worked hard, and it paid off. I got a good education that helped me get a job before I went to college. I worked as a data entry clerk.

Mr John Kimemia Gitau, the founder and director of Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies. The college was born out of a cosmetics shop. Photo/Martin Kuria

Later, I joined college while still working as a data entry clerk. At my work station, I was now asked to train others on using computers. This unexpected task taught me more about the power of education. During my time in college, while juggling work and studies, I got promoted three times in just three years.

After college, I always dreamed of running a primary school to give hundreds of children an opportunity to learn. But life had other plans. Instead, I started a cybercafé, cosmetics shop and then a hairdressing school Kericho town.

Life took another turn during the post-election violence. It took me from Kericho to Nakuru. It was a challenging time, but it also brought new opportunities. My past experiences, from working at Unilever Tea to running a cyber and a cosmetics shop came in handy.

I decided to start a college, and that is how Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies was born.

Today, it is the biggest private college in Nakuru. My dream is the college to empower students build successful careers. It is a hub where professionals can develop their skills.

An aerial view of RVIBS College which was founded by Mr John Kimemia Gitau. The collage has become a career development hub for technical skills. Photo/Martin Kuria

This journey from a simple village boy to the founder of a successful college is filled with lessons. It’s a testament to the power of education and the importance of resilience. It shows that no matter where you come from, you can achieve great things with hard work and determination.

Above all, this journey shows the impact one person can have on society. The education I received not only transformed my life but also allowed me to empower hundreds of students. This is the power of education. It can change individuals, societies, and the world.

So, if you’re a businessperson, take inspiration from this story. Remember the importance of education and continuous learning. Be adaptable, be resilient, and stay committed to your dreams. You never know where your journey will take you or who you will inspire along the way.