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Meet Percy Kihumba, The Force Behind Nakuru’s Best TVET College

By July 21, 2023July 22nd, 2023News

RVIBS TVET College Principal Percy Kihumba during the interview. Photo/Martin Kuria

She is a sharp shooter when it comes to expressing her mind, describes herself as an ethicist and a stickler to the noble regardless of the situation. She loves philosophy to the core, and on school grades, she says no student is a failure. Our writer Liz Mwara got to know what drives RVIBS principal Percy Kihumba

Hello, briefly tell us who you are?

My name is Percy Kihumba, the principal RVIBS TVET college. I am also the administrator at the School of Cosmetology.

Tell us about your educational background and experience in teaching

I did my undergraduate in Moi University, Bachelor of Arts (Language and Literary Studies) where I fell in love with philosophy as a unit. I did my master in Philosophy in Philosophy.

I have worked as a principal in a high school, trained in various colleges and universities. I have also been a center coordinator for one of the private universities. I am grateful because I have held leadership positions throughout
most of my career.

What do you love most about life?

I enjoy philosophy most of all, it is what has led me to be a leader. Plato said Philosophers are leaders.

What is it like being a part of RVIBS?

I joined RVIBS in 2021. I served as a deputy principal before becoming the principal. We are an academic institution and I am in charge of learning, by default I head the teaching fraternity; following up on students’ teaching and learning. In extension I am in charge of the students and their welfare. In simple, when it comes to academics, I am the figurehead.
I also head the marketing department. I am in charge of all external communication that is, press releases, brochures, direct marketing, and advertising.

What stands out about working at RVIBS?

The first thing that comes to mind is the teamwork. We have an incredible team that is very dedicated, they are quick to solving problems, work tirelessly in their services and interactions with students.

I enjoy knowing our team’s dedication is an emulation of our leadership. There is a lot to learn from our leaders. Our leadership operates an open-door policy; there is proactiveness when it comes to handling institutional affairs.


RVIBS TVET College principal Percy Kihumba during a light moment with one of her staff. Photo/Martin Kuria

Our leadership is also very keen on mentorship, we not only instill skills in our learners but we work hard to instill values in them too; hard work, dedication and integrity. We want them to love and honor what they do.
I love what we do, I love what we produce. I am proud of the mentorship; I am proud when I meet our alumnus who appreciate what we did.
There is nothing but pride for the reputation of our school. There is a shared pride and respect for what our team and students have to offer. Our institution has expertise that can be counted on to offer services.

Thank you for your time, any parting shot?

I want to appeal to everyone out there. No student is a failure, regardless of their academic journey and their high school grade. Our doors at RVIBS are open and we are going to instill in you positive attitudes and values, we will prepare you with experience that will earn you a livelihood.
You are welcome to our home away from home. Come experience what we do!