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Maryah Francis: RVIBS College Changed My Life

By July 27, 2023News
RVIBS alumna Marya Francis

RVIBS College Alumna Marya Francis. Marya reminisces her time at RVIBS and is grateful it gave her the grit to conquer life. Photo/Marya

When Mary Wanjiru, popularly known as Marya Francis, joined Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies (RVIBS) she was a young shy girl. That is no longer the case, and she loves how training molded her into the confident girl she is today.

She pursued a course in Media and Journalism for two years.

Marya is grateful that journalism opened opportunities for her in a foreign country.

“I am very grateful that RVIBS helped me get the courage to conquer life. I am now making it big here in a foreign land,” Marya said in a video she posted to thank the college.

Despite not venturing into media after training, where she emerged among the best students in radio and tv broadcasting, Marya says the knowledge she gained has helped her make moves in life.

Marya Francis

A collage of Marya Francis when she was training as a media student at RVIBS and now while at Abu Dhabi City.

College life, experience and training prepares you for life experiences. I am proud of my trainers and everyone who has contributed to who I am today,” she added.

In a foreign land, Marya, like many others, faced a culture shock that forced her adopt to new ways of living.

As young people, the opportunities are many. Someone just needs to be ready for a new thing; I had to learn Arabic, new ways of dressing as well as eating food very different from what I was used to in Kenya. Young people must have an open mind,” she said.

Mr Paul Kagi, a long time media trainer at RVIBS, says it is always a good feeling to meet former students succeeding in life.

“It is a very good thing to meet them or learn they are doing great in life. Marya was a jovial student with dreams and positivity,” he said.