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Hunk RVIBS Media Students Wow High Schoolers During Live Radio Show

By June 5, 2023News

Sam Kiara, Mass Media Student, who wowed students with his good voice oN RVIBS FM during a Career Fair.

A group of high school students almost got into trouble with their teachers during the Egerton Career Fair held on Friday May 26, 2023 after being glued to RVIBS Radio Studio for hours.

The students were enjoying vibes from two RVIBS’ students, Sam Kiara and Jeff Njenga, who were doing a live show.

“We love what these guys are doing. Tumekaa hapa mpaka tukachelewa kuenda, mamode wamejam mbaya,” one of the students was heard saying.

The media students were part of a team that landed at Egerton to guide high school students on remaining focused and making informed career choices.

High school students enjoying hits on RVIBS Radio Live during a Career Fair. RVIBS FM is a student-centred station at RVIBS College for students pursuing Mass Media & Journalism.

Kiara urged the students to stay focused and develop passion for what they want to train in.

“Have the right attitude, passion and now get the right environment to support your path. I joined RVIBS as a freshman and got the right environment and studios which have built my talent to greater heights,” he said.

One of the students thanked RVIBS for letting her get experience on what it is like being in a radio studio.

“This is like a dream come true. Sijawahi ona ama kuingia studio. Now you guys brought your radio studio here and I have felt very nice. He has a killer voice, nimemlike sana,” the student said.