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A Heartfelt Thank You to Churchill: You Tickled Our Childhood

By August 14, 2023News

Kenyan laugh industry godfather Daniel Ndambuki. Photo/Courtesy

This article is from one of our students who would love to celebrate Churchill for his talent and ability to mentor other young comedians.
BY: Liz Mwara

As we wake up to an era where the digital age has seized the attention of youngsters, a single figure emerges as the sentinel of a bygone era, a time when cyberspace was an uncharted realm. This vanguard of our amusement is none other than the all-time cheeky Daniel Ndambuki, fondly known as Churchill — a moniker that has become synonymous with rib cracking.

This man scoops the award for being there for us when there was no internet to entertain us.
Churchill is truly the Rockefeller of the Kenyan entertainment industry scene.

From minor acting roles in KBC to hosting Red Kona and Redykyulas, to the comedy giants Churchill show and Churchill Raw, Churchill became a core memory of our childhood.

We didn’t have phones to scroll through, let alone watch the sensational tiktok dances, however, we got ourselves glued to TV sets every Sunday with rapturous anticipation. Tears of laughter would then flow all around the table.

Today, I celebrate you Churchill because you not only made us laugh but launched the talents of many young entertainers like Teacher Wanjiku, MCA Tricky, Jemutai, DJ Shitii, Eric Omondi, the cheeky MC Jessy among others.

I also celebrate you because your influence went beyond the frivolities of laughter. In times of raising political temperatures in the country, you rose to the occasion; it is etched in our collective memory — the timeless performance of the late Ayeiya Poa Poa, eloquently delivering the gospel of peace through, “tusibleed ndio wa lead.” This was more than mere comedy; it was a clarion call, a beacon of hope, a unifying force that resonated across the land.

As you venture into Chacho Kids entertainment, I hope you continue to give the very best in Kenyan comedy and entertainment scene.

As a student, together with my fellow college mates, we are looking up to the likes of you on how a single person can have such a huge impact on people’s lives.

Just like Churchill who has become a fertile ground for talents to flourish, may my RVIBS College become the place for nascent talents to be unleashed.